Bespoke Facial Treatments


All Facials £50

We offer various facial treatments to rejuvenate, hydrate, and firm your skin. Choose from our selection of 6 treatments.

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Bespoke Facial Treatments

Choose from our range of bespoke facial treatments to rejuvenate, hydrate and firm your skin.

Brightening Facial


"Dull," "ashy," and "tired" are three words no one wants used to describe their skin. A brightening facial involves a combination of using an enzyme peel and Illuminating hydro jelly mask to remove dead-skin build-up. Perfect for targeting uneven texture / tone, dark circles and pigmentation. The result? Dewy, megawatt, vibrant glow-y skin.

Classic Facial


Sometimes, you just want to close your eyes and drift while having your face pampered. A typical classic facial provides deep cleansing, extractions, a head and neck massage, and...zzz. The goal is to wake up looking—and feeling—rested and refreshed. This facial finishes off nicely with a hydro jelly mask of your choice.

Decongesting Facial


A decongesting facial is like a professional pore excavation and designed to clear out clogged sebum and eliminate blackheads. Extractions do most of the heavy lifting and may leave your skin slightly pink immediately after. A gentle acid peel also help dissolve the outer layers of skin to resurface it and keep pores clean. This deep cleansing facial finishes with a spot diminishing hydro jelly mask.

Repair and restore facial


A Vitamin B based facial designed specifically to help balance sensitive and problematic skin in order to repair and return skin to its healthy condition. The Biotin in Vitamin B helps manage dry skin by aiding the distribution of natural oils. Biotin assists in the recovery of dull, dry & sensitive skin, sun damage and rosacea.

Anti-Ageing Facial / Firming & Contouring


This one attacks signs of ageing on all fronts: cleansing, brightening and hydrating. Promoting moisture retention and plumping the surrounding tissues, this luxurious facial is a firm favourite for clients who wish to promote collagen production to retain skin elasticity and firmness. A firming & contouring or hyaluronic acid hydro jelly mask are used for maximum effect.

Hydrating Facial


When none of the lotions or creams in your bathroom seem to be cutting it anymore, you may need to dial up the intensity of your hydration routine. This highly effective facial focuses on retaining more moisture specifically targeting dehydrated & ageing skin. Designed for all skin types a hyaluronic acid hydro jelly mask is used after to soften and plump the skin.

Please note, all facials include the following:

  • Double cleanse using a glycolic cleanser
  • Enzyme peel (light peel)
  • Hydro jelly mask
  • Face and scalp massage (mini)
  • Cooling toner / eye gel
  • Hydrating serum
  • Moisture defence
  • Recovery balm
  • SPF

Upgrade Your Treatment

Face and scalp massage with reiki energy

Facial massage has been proven to help lift & stimulate the facial muscles assisting with the removal of congestion and oxygenation of the cells to give the skin a healthy glow. This massage can be fuelled with reiki energy to promote a deeper healing and calmness from within.

£15 – 20 minutes

Additional Extractions

All treatments include extractions however if you wish to have a longer session to concentrate on removing congestion in the skin please ensure you add extra time.

£10 – 20 minute


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